Glenover is a mining and fertiliser company owning an advanced Phosphate and Rare Earth project based in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

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At a Glance

Glenover's focus is to deliver a high quality world class, multi-commodity project.

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The mineral resource upon which this project is based as part of a very large mineral complex similar to Palaborwa, though smaller.

Apart from the high grade apatite breccia deposit under development, the complex is host to a number of economically attractive resources.

Goldfields of South Africa owned and profitably operated a phosphate mine (Glenover) more than two decades before Ferminore acquired it in 2000 and started to monetize the remaining high grade phosphate stockpiles in the production of granular fertiliser.

Glenover has since focused on bringing a major, low-cost, multi-commodity project to the global market.

At a Glance

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Glenover's focus is to deliver a high quality world class, multi-commodity project in the form of a large fertiliser and rare earth complex situated coastally.

It aims to access the growing East African, Indian and Pakistani agricultural markets as well as the global rare earth markets".

No mining costs for the first
7 years of production.

Glenover's Focus

  • Production of: 504,000TPA multi-product fertilisers and 5,500TPA of Rare Earth Oxides as well as Niobium and Scandium co-products
  • Coastal process plant in industrially and economically-friendly Richard's Bay Industrial Development Zone with significant access to reagents and markets
  • Immediate access to rail, water, power and piped natural gas
  • Geographic positioning for large East African and Indian fertiliser markets
  • Marketing flexibility since fertiliser business is profitable on the basis of stockpiling rare earths or being a zero-cost rare earth producer
  • SAMREC-compliant mineral resource in indicated category providing 25 year project life. No mining costs for first 7 years of production due to 3MT of stockpiled material on site
  • LOI signed with International Rare Earth refiner
  • Highly specialised Chinese technology team
  • Potential short term cash flow from existing modular SSP fertiliser plant


  • NP Fertiliser
    (2-1-0 20%)

  • Calcium Nitrate

  • Rare Earth

  • Rare Earth

  • Niobium/
    Rare Earth

*Samples from PFS-level bench scale metallurgy

Contact us

Head office:
16 Victoria Ave,
South Africa

Physical Address:
Farm 371 LQ, Near Steenbokpan District
South Africa

S23° 51'56.23"
E27° 09'33.90"